Streamlines of N-body simulations with Py-SPHViewer

Have you ever wondered how to get the streamlines of the velocity field of a N-body simulation? In practice, streamlines are an extraordinary tool to get insight on what is going on in a simulation by inspecting a single snapshot. They are also extremely useful in many applications that are outside the scope of this…

Using QuickView in Py-SPHViewer 1.0.4

A couple of months ago I decided that Py-SPHviewer is mature enough to start including some tools, which are essentially independent on the core of the code. So, I created a new directory called “tools”, and started to fill it. One tool that I added recently is QuickView, which can be regarded as a first…

New camera builder in Py-SPHViewer

Today I am proud to show a video made with Py-SPHViewer. The video shows a small cosmological volume simulated with very high resolution. The simulation is part of big colaborative effort, but please let me avoid the science behind it, which is very interesting indeed. I would like to focus only on how well the…

A new Py-SPHViewer version (0.43) is available

A new Py-SPHViewer version (0.43) is available   I am happy to inform the release of the 0.43 version of Py-SPHViewer. In this version we have fixed some bugs while improving some features. In the next weeks I hope to release a new version that take advantage of the multiprocessing package for python.

Cosmic Mystery: Missing Dwarf Galaxies

This video was made by the team and it explains the paper where we report the interaction between dwarf galaxies and the cosmic web observed in the CLUES Simulations.