Welcome to my homepage. This page is intended to share things about myself, but the main purpose is to give you and idea of my research interests. This is also to share useful information with colleagues and students.

In this webpage you may also find references to my publications, current projects and personal codes that I made publicly available. If you are looking some of those, you may find the “Codes” section in the heading bar interesting.

As part of my everyday research activities, I am also very interested in using scientific data for doing nice images and videos. If you are looking for some nice media files to use in your presentations, lectures or just for fun, you may want to check my “Media” section. If you use them, I will be glad to see the proper citation or credits.

Finally, check the “Posts” section, where you will probably find some tutorials, news about my latest scientific results or just things that I consider interesting.

If you have any question, suggestion or just need to contact me, I would be glad to hear from you.